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Project Guides

Thank you for participating in the Stukeley Memoirs Project! The files below contain essential information about the SMP's working practices and helpful information for those new to reading and transcribing 18th-century manuscripts.

The files below are in PDF format to facilitate easy downloading, printing and reference on-screen. MS Word .docx versions of all of the files below are available on the SGS website.

SMP Guidelines

Start by reading the SMP Guidelines. This document contains information on all aspects of the project, including

  • Workflows 
  • Electronic file formats
  • Transcription guidance
  • Copy-checking guidance

Transcription by Example

This file contains visual examples of the Transcription guidance contained in the SMP Guidelines using text from the Memoirs. It highlights characteristic aspects of Stukeley's handwriting and especially tricky characters and letter-forms.

Sample Transcribed Pages

This file contains a sample completed transcription of the front matter and first three pages of Volume I. (MS Word versions of the files for each individual page can be found on the SGS website using the link above.)

Biographical Notes - Template

If you would like to learn more about any of the people named in the Memoirs and contribute to the project's Biographical Notes, we invite you to do so by filling in this form. A sample with basic information in each field is available here.